Safari Island

Safari Island

Safari Island is a matching game with a unique gameplay and a cute theme
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Safari Island is a wonderful game in which you can make complete pictures by combining tiles. You can use only those tiles that are completely visible. The pictures can have different shapes and require different numbers of tiles to complete it. All the levels have different layouts and hide a different animal that you must uncover. The levels are timed, but you can continue playing when it is over, however you are given a different checkmark for each situation: Bronze, if you remove all tiles; Silver, if you remove all tiles within the allotted time; and Gold, if you remove all tiles and beat the target score. If you need help finding a pair, you can use the hints, which are unlimited, but reduce your score when you use them. You can also shuffle the tiles or restart whenever you want.

Also, between the normal levels there are bonus levels that you can play from time to time. In these, you need to find particular animals in a crowded scene in the time given, so it's a sort of a hidden-object game. The more animals you find, the more points you get.

What is more, there is a great variety of collectible trophies that you can earn by completing the levels under certain conditions. Also, the game includes three different modes to play: Adventure, Action, and Bonus game, but the last two are unlocked when you finish the main one.

Regarding the graphics, they are cartoonish and very colorful. Animals look really cute and funny. Sound effects are average and the music is very pleasant.

All in all, Safari Island is a wonderful game with a unique gameplay that offers a combination of a mahjong with hidden-object games.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Three modes
  • Unique gameplay
  • Lots of trophies
  • Bonus games
  • Cute graphics


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